Melrose | BIG Ceramic Pot

 High on pot!

The BIG Pot Nursery in Melrose, Tasmania

BIG Nursery Pot

"You think that's a BIG Thing?'' - Mat
''What's a BIG Thing?'' - Me
"That Sign back there"
"What Sign?"

I don't know how big this sign was or what it said but it peaked Mats interest enough for him to take the detour. I snooped at the place on Google Maps along the way (Probably why I missed the sign) but didn't see any photos that would suggest the Nursery would yield any goodies. 

Boy was I wrong! Probably shouldn't have climbed the fence, it wasn't safe but I really wanted to see if I could climb inside it for a photo. It didn't look safe. I also broke their fence. So Sorry!