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Warrui Dream Time Statues in Wyndham | Australian BIG Things

Warrui Dream Time Statues

This was the second larger than life sculpture I'd noticed created by Andrew Hickson.

Found I'm Warrui Park in Wyndham, WA, real people were used as models for these sculptures and they stand 2.5x bigger than lifesized humans.

Officially named the Warrui Dream Time Statues,
Sculpture enthusiasts may better recognize these as the 'BIG Baby' in a park.

There are eight copper statues in total; a man, woman, child, dingo, puppy, gonna, kangaroo and a snake.
Originally 'The DreamTime Sculptures' were commissioned by the Joorook Ngnarni Aboriginal Corporation and presented to the people on the 23rd, Sept 1989.

The notion of an Aboriginal sculpture dedicated to the Aboriginal spirit and highlighting the importance of the Aboriginal heritage was first accepted by Sydney with a place on the harbor but once the extent of this project was fully realized both Sydney and later Kings Park in Perth rejected the sculptures.

I was lucky enough to visit this after its $10,000 restoration mid 2017. They were spectacular

📍 Warrui Park, Wyndham