Happy ISO Birthday to Me!!

There hasn't been a planned outing since lockdown and I'm starting to get withdrawals. 

There's not a great deal of art to find in my suburb which I find strange since it's a military area. You'd think monuments would be aplenty. Regardless I've been at home, eating & blogging for the better art of 5 weeks now and have another 4 weeks ahead of me.

I've been telling myself for the last week and a half to go for a ride around the lake with the camera. Take some photo's, improve my photography game and so, for my birthday, I finally sucked it up and left the armchair.

Lovely! sections were taped off where we've obviously sprung a leak. I feel for the dad whose kid ran through it, the area didn't smell surprisingly. I actually got to this point to take a photo and realized I'd left my SD card at home. I opted to leave my phone at home too. I took the E-scooter so luckily it wasn't long before I was back snapping pics.

This lake was my goal. Seems every time you stop and photograph something 5 people rock up and stop to see what you're doing. Luckily our local wild life was use to frequent walkers. I do wish I had of take the landscape lens. my 55" just wasn't quite right for this kind of photography.

I actually quite enjoyed the 10 of so minutes I sat watching the ducks. It made me wonder what kind of birds they were, how edible they were but more importantly, after 5 weeks of being cooped up inside, it made me appreciate being outside and out of the house

I'm going to Try and get out of the house everyday, even just to spend 10-30 mins at the lake to taking a few snaps everyday. I might learn a little about my camera while improving my general mood

Lastly we have a gift from Maty. He told me there was going to be a delivery today so I suspected some sort of birthday gift. He'd arranged to have flowers delivered which was incredibly sweet.  He also went through the trouble of hitting the shops and grapping me some birthday goodies. Very spoilt

I may have taken an early bite or two :D


  1. We see the same signs here, I refuse to swim in the ocean now it's so bad.

    1. Oh wow Amy, I've got such fond childhood memories of the Invercargill beach, It'd make me so sad to see it abused by poor council not attending to those kinds of issues.


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