Alexandria | Scott Marsh

Alexandria Street Art | Mural of Kid Laroi by Scott Marsh

Scott Marsh

Controversial Aussie artist Scott March created this mural. It's one of few with a less serious nature and not what I'm use to seeing from him. The mural features Kid Laroi. A musical artist I've never heard of.

Naturally I checked out KL's IG and saw his post featuring a spot on the top 100 and searched for the song on Youtube and noted that I'd heard the song before. A Justin Bieber collab. Further listening had me recognizing 'without you' and I realize maybe the mural of Kid Laroi is probably more up Scotties ally than I realized. 

I did the same thing with a portrait Marsh created a year or so again featuring Trippie Redd and wonder if Marsh is a fan or poking fun at artists who heavily use autotune. Marsh is a strange creature!

📍 Chapel Ln, Alexandria