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East Hills Street Art | Mural by Funskull


Made another day of it today after running out of daylight on Sunday, funday. Got off at Panania with my E Scooter and was surprise by 4 police men. I was expecting words to be had but I casually B lined for the tap off machine. Declined! 
Tried again, declined

Played around with my app, declined,
Transferred some funds, declined. 

Yeah okay, no tap off for you, got out of there before any of the cops thought better to ignor my illegal device too much longer

This is a late 2019 commission for Elliot Routledge at the East Hills tennis center. It's very vibrant and considering it's location it's really nice to have that beacon in an other wise dull area.

East Hills Street Art | Mural by FunskullEast Hills Street Art | Mural by Funskull