Vasse | Russell Sheridan

Vasse Public Art | 'Timothee Vasse' by Russell Sheridan

'Timothee Vasse' by Russell Sheridan

This is a really awesome sculpture. Not only has it produced one of the most epic photos I've ever took but it's created by Russell. If you're a bit of an art buff and have explored a bit of WA chances are you've visited something he's created. I had 'Vasse', 'Man & Dog' and 'Fergus the Bull' photographed before I learnt the artists name and realized they were all made by the same awesome artist. But enough fan girl! The story behind the sculpture is pretty epic too! In 1801 a storm hit a French ship (Le Geographe) and a wave washed Thomas Timothee Vasse overboard. Despite being presumed dead the captain doubled back to look for Vasse but found no trace. In 1834 the local Indigenous showed British settlers a grave belonging to a white man they said spent his days sitting near the beach & gazing out to sea

📍 Crn: Napoleon Prd & Northerly St, Vasse