Concord West | Unknown

Concord West Street Art | Dog mural

Unknown Artist

I spotted this and thought it was far too cute to not take a picture of. No matter how I played with my DSL I couldn't capture the colors properly so I'm a little disappointed with the quality.
The mural is a small feature strop on a business located  on Concord Rd.


  1. oh it's still very cute. There is a cat game you can play on android phones called Neko Atsume. Same sort of illustrations.

  2. So cute, sorry I havent been on your blog that much, I love this, hope to check it out once lockdown ends, hope you and your family good.

    1. Haha, there hasn't been much to see! I've never been one to follow rules like this but I really haven't been out much. Sad, it's the perfect time to explore as well. haha

    2. Yeah its bit sad with the lockdown, I'm glad its been lifted here now, hope you and your family are ok. I love seeing your scooter in some posts too it looks handy.


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