Parramatta | Knoswet & Dcydes

Parramatta Street Art | Mural by Knoswet & Dcydes

Muralisto | Knoswet & Dcydes

It appears Muralisto created two walls in Parramatta during an inclusion project to welcome refugees to Australia. This particular mural incorporates a mandala with two hands reaching for it's center.
I'm unsure if Dcydes is still an active member of Muralisto but this mural was painted b Knoswet & Dcydes around 2017. 

It was cordoned off by a 2m cyclone fence that I was unable to access. I had to settle for photos taken through the fence holes and by standing on the concrete garden perimeter of the property next door. Neither produced worthy photos and this Hunter Street mural was placed back on my list of things to photograph while in Sydney