Strathfield | Unknown

Strathfield Sculpture of Edmund Ignatius Rice at the St Patrick's College

Unknown Artist

After the last few outings I did my best to incorporate some Public Art into my art quests. This wasn't quite what I had in mind but Strathfield didn't offer me much and despite not having much interest in private art or religious topics I decided to check this one out anyway.

Through a bar style fence and a landscape lens you can capture this St Patrick's garden sculpture. It's a monument to Edmund Ignatius Rice. An Irish born Catholic who after tragically losing his wife and was left to care for a child with learning difficulties, devoted his life to helping and educating children from impoverished homes.

The schools gardens were upgraded in 2007. I'm not sure who created the sculpture or when it was acquired but I suspect it was place when the garden was created. 


  1. This is pretty, I like Strathfield is a leafy suburb but I agree would be nice to see more public art there


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