North Strathfield | Unknown

Strathfield Street Art | Banksy Stencil Art
Strathfield Street Art | Banksy Stencil Art
Unknown Artist

I really thought this was going to be work by Camo but he typically always signs his work. It's a replica of a Banksky stencil but without the color pop and a lot more embellishment so it feels like an experienced artists and I can see why they wouldn't want to sign the work. 

I found a similar Banksy replica in Albury and now wonder if it's the same artist. The Albury mural has since been painted over after it was graffitied on. 

This particular stencil can be found in a stairwell of an underground carpark belonging to the Bakehouse Quarter on George Street. Once entering the carpark you'll find the stairwell by turning left and entering the first door on your left. 


  1. This is so cute it definitely reminds me of Banksy. Hope you are well too, good we are finally out of lockdown too.


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