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Strathfield Utility Art by Mach & Sofles

Sofles & Mach

I don't know who Mach is and this amazing electrical box doesn't appear in Sofles IG Gallery at all. Despite the amount of work Sofles has produced I've personally seen very few murals by the talented man. I was surprised to find his Tag here and the work is quite different to what I'm use to seeing from him. Never-the-less, I loved the box and was ecstatic with finding it on Google Maps after touring the area on Street View. 

You can find this awesome bit of art out the front of Drip Splash 'Paint & Sip' on George Street in North Strathfield. This interesting venue has been added to my Sydney bucket list of things to do.

Strathfield Utility Art by Mach & SoflesStrathfield Utility Art by Mach & Sofles