Ashfield | Beastman

Ashfield Street Art | Mural by Beastman


I find it so strange a mural by Brad Eastman which is less than 5 years old was targeted by vandals yet you have a mural by Robin Martin that's 18 years old and in prefect condition. Such a strange world we live in. 

I usually tire of artist's who produce this kind of repetitive work but there's something about Beatmans work, whether it's the colors or the patterns that has me in awe every time I see a wall. 

I've come across a few now, my first being in Goulburn and more murals in Sydney with walls in Wetherill Park and in the Sydney CBD. I feel like there's more but there's so much I need to upload it's not funny

Anyho, this wall can be found at SIM Kebab House on Queen St and Liverpool Rd


  1. I love Beastman great find, I agree is sad this is vandalised


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