Ashfield | SMC3

Ashfield Street Art | Mural by SMC3
Ashfield Street Art | Mural by SMC3

This mural is precisely as it appears. A hot mess of reds, yellows and whites. If it has a message or deeper meaning it's known only to the artist.

I wanted to cross the road and try for a closer photo. I had every opportunity at the end of the day when I passed it for the second time but opted not to stop. 

I didn't feel taking more photos would add anything new to my perspective. I've encountered this artists work before in St Peters and it would appear his style is extremely abstract in nature which doesn't naturally appeal to me. I appreciate the colors but without an explanation I'm left imagining they're weird animals.

I'm not sure if the underpass/ carpark mural connecting Brown Street to The Esplanade is painted the whole way through but I didn't notice it from the Esplanade.