Bobs Farm | Mike Watt

 I can't begin to tell you guys how excited I was to discover this painted water tank.

I just want to start off with saying, the towns name didn't sound real so I had to do a Google Search just to make sure someone wasn't yanking my chain. 

I also had to google scour the business's photos for proof this existed because it was far too tasty to be real. 

Bob's Farm painted Water Tank by Mike Watt

Turns out it was real AND Mike had more murals there. I don't know if it's always parked on the side of the road but there was an old looking delivery truck that was painted on both sides with what I imagine are characters specifically designed for individual beers. 

Best promoting ever. I'll happily have a 'Fred'

Anyway.. If you love Mike Watt.. painted water tanks... art in general OR craft beer get yourself down to the Murray's Craft Brewing Co in Bobs Farm and check out the painted and poured goodies.