Caringbah - AWOL Creations, Born Ready Art, CAMO, George Rose & Phibs, Groovy Man, Krimsone, Mistery, PGraphics, Whom & Keys, Scott Marsh & Scott Nagy

This is post 2 of 3 for Caringbah's Park Ln. I knew after my first ally within this lane that I picked the wrong time and day to visit. Cars were parked in front of murals, rubbish bins and recyclables were banked up obscuring walls and the sun was getting low.

Never the less, we were there and while I'd like to return for better photos this is what I'm left with.

Caringbah Street Art by AWOL Creations
AWOL Creations

I've come across artist before and am yet to post their work. I was surprised to learn AWOL Creative was a woman though I'm not sure why. The mural spans the length of five differing walls leading from the lane to the main street. If I recall correctly one wall was green while the other was blue. 

Caringbah Street Art by Born Ready Art
Born Ready Art

I don't know much about this artist or their work. I know I've seen something from them before but I'm having difficulty determining what that mural was as it's something in a folder waiting to be uploaded to this blog. One day.

Caringbah Street Art by CAMO

More art by CAMO. He has another stencil a few meters from this skateboarding boy which features in the next photo.

Caringbah Street Art by Krimsone
Krimsone & CAMO

Painted high on the buildings fa├žade you'll find a second Park Lane mural by Krimsone and just above the pavement you'll find CAMO's fourth stencil.

Caringbah Street Art by George Rose & Phibs
George Rose & Phibs

A much bigger version of George Rose's sea horses painted at Bondi with the help and color scheme of Phibs. The duo have done a mural together in Canberra and work incredibly well together.

Caringbah Street Art by Groovy Man
Groovy Man

I've never heard of this artist before but his work reminds me of Sindy Sinn. He's mentioned by another artist on IG but the account has been deleted. Something to snoop for this week between outings. 

Caringbah Street Art | Mistery, PGraphics, Whom & Keys
Mistery, PGraphics, Whom & Keys

A massive collaboration between Mistery, PGraphics, Whom & Keys is this epic Trex sporting sneakers. I have no idea who painted which parts but this wall along with Mike Watt were my favorites from my Caringbah Park Ln explore

Caringbah Street Art by Scott Marsh
Scott Marsh

This mural was high on my wish list to see and ruined by this infernal car. Scott Marsh's work is hit and miss with me. I cant tell if he's left wing and paints controversial issues to address them or paints them for satirical purposes. 

Caringbah Street Art by Scott Nagy
Scott Nagy

This is a partial to a Scott Nagy mural. The mural covers the entire buildings front facade but the sun was directly behind so I settled for this tiny snippet. Super cute though.

Caringbah Street Art | Scott Nagy & Krimsone
Scott Nagy & Krimsone

After a huge cropping this photo turned out far better than I was expecting. It's one of three walls found up extremely high by artists Scott Nagy & Krimsone. I don't know how they got up there or painted those walls but the mural is partially onscured by the angle of the roof. If you have a drone I would consider taking it for some of these walls.