Croydon | George Rose

Croydon Street Art | Mural by George Rose
George Rose

I found this mural by artist George Rose nestled between other artworks off Edwin Street near the Croydon Station. It was in a very narrow unnamed lane with minimal room to move around in. Despite having a wide angle lens with me it was still somewhat challenging capturing this monstrous wall

It was a sunny day so I'm having difficulty accounting for what looks like haze in my photographs. My lens wasn't dirty, I checked. The wall didn't appear lacquered and yet this was the only mural that appeared this way and the only wall I had issue with the entire day. I ended up taking a photo with my phone and still had the same issue so I can only assume it's the wall. I'd rather not heavily edit a photo to correct it and will simply strive to be more patient in future to get that decent photo no matter how long it takes

The wall looks extremely out of place and have to admit between this wall and Robin Martin's wall there almost seems to be a color scheme floating through Croydon in the hues of yellow and orange

Croydon Street Art | Mural by George RoseCroydon Street Art | Mural by George Rose