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Gregory Hills Public Art by Distinctive Living Design & LUMP Studio

Distinctive Living Design & LUMP Studio

I was only expecting one sculpture at this site and it wasn't this one. Turns out there's two sculptures here with this one being titled 'Endure' 

I really enjoy visual sculptures and your eyes really feast on the yellow bars welded at angles that give the view the illusion the sculpture is bent or warped. 

The yellow bars of this sculpture are representative of threads. Threads of knowledge and the threads of life and the growth and knowledge we collect along the journey.

When placing this pin I was quite confused. Google Maps shows this area in a body of water. The sculpture is found at a sporting facility near Water Gum Rd and Firewater CCT but I can only assume the houses were built on a flood plain and Google Maps is a little behind in updating their content. 

A creek runs through the fields but the sculptures are indeed on dry land and you should pay little heed to Google Maps should you visit yourself.