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Gregory Hill Public Art by Distinctive Living Design

 Distinctive Living Design 

Distinctive was commissioned to design 15 public art installments across Gregory Hills and while I had 10 locations mapped a few were missing from their suggested locations or I neglected to attach a photo of my objective and missed it.

This was my first stop for the day. It's called 'Boy Farmer' and is a 2D laser cut and painted metal sheet representative of a boy and his dog. The Plaque describes the site the sculpture sits proudly on which was once a Catholic college dedicated to impoverished children. The college aimed to educate poor children in agriculture and farming techniques to break a cycle of destitution.

The sculpture by Distinctive is placed on Healy Ave across from Amphitheatre Park and interestingly I've learnt Danielle Mate Sullivan was also a consultant on the Gregory Hills Public Art installments. 

I've visited a sculpture by Distinctive Living Design before in Airds and have another sculpture on my wish list to see in Cawdor