Sydney Olympic Park | BIG Discus

BIG Discus by artist Robert Owen | Sydney Olympic Park
Sydney Olympic Park | BIG Discus
BIG Discus

It's been a deflating month. I've been out a few times but between going back to work post Covid and then abruptly quitting I haven't had much energy to post my last few adventures. 

I start a new job Tuesday. It'll be a slower change of pace so here's hoping for a more positive and supportive work environment. 

This is something I'd wanted to see well prior to moving to Sydney and yet for some reason never prioritized it my first trip to Sydney Olympic Park.

As always, I wasn't the most well behaved during Covid. When booking my vaccines I choose a city venue to flaunt a few rules and was able to explore the area a little.

Despite Googling for content I learnt after my second trip there that Sydney Olympic Park is home to over 100 public art installments and I barely scratched the surface. 

This giant representation of an Olympic Discus is titled 'Discobolus' by artist Robert Owen and unveiled in 2000. 

It was a gift from the Australian Greek community and now stands as one of three tributes through out the suburb. Further artworks commemorate the 1996 and 2004 Olympic and Paralympic games respectfully and I'm sad to say I believe I may have missed one of those tributes on my scoot around SOP

📍 Herb Elliott Ave, Sydney Olympic Park