Sydney Olympic Park | Hargreaves Associates, Sydney Fountains Waterforms and Abigroup Contractors

Sydney Olympic Park Public Art

Unknown Artist

I had a couple laying to the left of this sculpture which made it difficult getting a photograph. I feel that despite having my camera for a year I'm still learning how to use it. Perhaps it's an indication I don't use it enough. I never found out who created this water feature nor was it turned on but I got the impression it was a grand sight when on display.

This sculpture is marked on Google Maps as Northern Water Feature next to Haslams Pier.
It was designed by Hargreaves Associates while Sydney Fountains Waterforms and Abigroup Contractors reviewed the design and constructed the artwork.


  1. Looks cool in black and white, beautiful location too.

    1. It was, now is probably a good time to tell you if you add the Pyramid sculpture to your list of things to visit you wont find it. I have no idea where it went but it's been gone for awhileapparently :\

    2. Thats sad about the pyramid sculpture hopefully they will replace it with something cool again


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