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Full disclosure. I'd been to this map pin before and had a really poor time of it. I parked on Condell Park Rd and drove to the end. I was hoping to get a decent angle from the fence line but there was too much long grass in the way for any decent shot to be had.

So I did the dirty and climbed through the fence facing the Hwy hoping to follow the exterior fence along the highway to get a better shot but was met with a rise that obscured my view. 

So I did what any sane person would do after going through all that effort and crawled through that fence too. This was back in 2019. I stood on the rise and took some photo's from near the fence line and deemed myself happy with the snaps to get home and find out my photo's were full of glare or lens smudged. 

Wilton Painted Water Tank Art by Joe Quilter

When I moved to Sydney I met another adventurer who told me he'd visited this pin before and knew a road to drive that would get me closer. So on the way home from a Picton excursion we drove to Condell Park Rd and took one of the last exits to drive right up to the tanks. 

I would have been a bit shy to do this myself but my driver stopped there and I once again climbed through the fence to be right in front of the tanks. I had to walk a fair bit out to not be so close to it but I quickly learnt either the place was unattended or no one cared I was in the paddock snapping photos.

I've seen people stop on the highway to take these photos and I wouldn't recommend it. I also wouldnt encourage you to trespass but if you do one of the roads lets you drive right to the tank to capture these 2019 beauties by Joe Quilter aka. @weitwo

Wilton Painted Water Tank Art by Joe QuilterWilton Painted Water Tank Art by Joe QuilterWilton Painted Water Tank Art by Joe Quilter

📍 152 Condell Park Rd, Wilton