Bondi Beach - 28-12-2021

Bondi Beach Graffiti Wall. 

I'm disappointed that after almost an entire year there were only 6 new additions to the wall. It pales in comparison to Melbourne's Hozier Lane and while we have Newtown and Marrickville to compensate it just isn't the same.

Bondi Beach Street Art by Caroline Seltz

Caroline Seltz

This is a first for me. I've never come across a mural by this artist before. It replaces a mural by Sophie Odling and plays upon the water theme that seems to be present at the moment. Seltz completed her mural around April.2021

Bondi Beach Street Art by Easty Beasty

Easty Beasty

Interestingly this is a 2019 mural that's still lingering. I don't seem to have it among my 2019 photos nor in the photos of my 2020 visit. I'm curious to check my storage to see if it slipped a transfer from phone to laptop or I didn't appreciate the mural at the time to take one. Seems strange I neglected to take a photo two years running. 

Easty has another mural within the Biddigal Reserve which is few minutes walk from the Graffiti Wall it self. 

Bondi Beach Street Art by LoneWolf & Handstand

Lone Wolf & Hand Stand

I'm not sure when this was created but the artists Instagram that was supplied is now inactive. The wall reminds me of a few characters from The Labyrinth. 

Bondi Beach Street Art by Mistery & Dallas Clark

Mistery973 & Dallas Clark

One of my faves! It's nice to see Mistery making big waves this year. From his 'Eternity' collab with the same artist in the CBD, which I'm till yet to see, to this rad piece. 'Be Water My Friend' another water theme for the Bondi wall as they bombard the area with environmental messages and climate change messages, 

Bondi Beach Street Art by NOTNOT


I've gotten use to the excessive mount of stencils found by NOTNOT around Bondi. I've even come across a few other faces such as this but it is nice to see new ones. 

Bondi Beach Street Art by Shannon Boyd

Shannon Boyd

Visiting from the Penrith area Shannon Boyd has created this beautiful tribute to Natalie Cook and Kerri Pottharst. The pair represented Australia in 1996, the first year Beach Volleyball became an official sport at the Olympics in Atlanta. The pair went home with a bronze medal. 


  1. I must say that all of them are very colourful and eyecatching but I"m wondering why the man in the top one is trying to surf on top of the van.


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