Kingsgrove | Unknown

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most fluent with Graffiti Art.
It's not typically an avenue of art I appreciate but I do enjoy the artists who embellish their work with pictures and creative calligraphy. 

Kingsgrove Street Art | Graffiti
Who ya gonna call?

GHOSTBUSTERS!! This was a small section of artworks found in the canal following the Canal to Creek art trail. I gave TG originals and saywhat a search but couldn't drum anything up. I can't read the header word but if you recognize the work, do leave me a message to give credit

Kingsgrove Street Art | Graffiti

GMC134, ErnyArkm, Zkaps.Moik & Apies
It could be Dpies... the colors kind of do look like Collingwood colors.

Kingsgrove Street Art | Graffiti

I really liked this one. I'm not sure what the significance of 'This' is but I did like the creativity of the block

Kingsgrove Street Art | Graffiti by Siphze

I actually recognize the Siphz TAG. Earlier in the year I visited Tempe where I found this mural by Siphze. I'm not sure what the first few letters of his work appear to be but the letters of 134 appear again in this mural and wouldn't be surprised if Siphze completed all the graffiti in this section.

You can find these tid-bits in the canal within eye view of Hanna Hoyne's 'Soul Mine (Moonvessel & Horn)' Sculpture