Marrickville | Scott Marsh

Marrickville Street Art | Bob Hawke Mural by Scott Marsh
Scott Marsh

Just over a week to go before restrictions ease and Bob Hawke here can spend all his time at the pub without worrying who is and isn't vaccinated.

It's an amusing mural and makes for some fun advertising for the Hawkes Brewing Company. 

There's a QR code serving as a band aid on his Bob's left arm and if memory serves me correctly scanning the code will take you to a site that helps people find vaccination points

Scotties Bob Hawk mural is located on Sydney Street between Sydenham Rd and Marrickville Rd.

If you have a car in the way, don't stress, so did I. I've learnt the cropping option in Google Photos is amazing and can straighten photos that are taken in that awkward upwards angle.

I'm sure there are plenty of apps that do this but I'm getting older and technology and I aren't too friendly these days. 


  1. I remember Bob Hawke well, it's funny how they've painted muscles on him.


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