Sydney CBD | Nigel Helyer

Sydney Public Art by Nigel Helyer

Nigel Helyer

From the right angle this wonderful installment tiled 'Duel Nature' rather resembles a loch ness monster. It was, of course, intentional by the artist. Inside the objects are pre recorded sounds that emit noise when triggered by observers a a delicious visual is enhanced by strange sounds, one working with metal, would almost never hear which creates a rather strange atmosphere.

I stood at the end of the installment and felt like I was on another planet. If not for the view across the harbor I may have forgotten I was in Sydney entirely.

My fiancé isn't into art but is usually happy to walk and play navigator to my public Art Map walks. I got the sense even he enjoyed this sculpture. Whether it was the climb down the stairs to reach the artwork, the obscure and mysteriousness of it's placement, the strange spectacle in general or the tinkering sounds that created a subtle eeriness to the place I'll never know but I'm glad he enjoyed it as much as I did.

Duel Nature is found after descending a flight of stairs near Ozpaddle Sydney on Mrs Macquarie Road.