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Sydney Public Art by Fiona Hall
Sydney Public Art by Fiona Hall
Fiona Hall

'A Folly for Mrs Macquarie' Folly is a new term for me. Reading the plaque I assumed they were talking about something silly and I was half correct.

A garden Folly is a structure placed in a garden for no other purpose than decoration and amusement. 

This particular folly is a dedication to Mrs Macquarie, wife of Lachlan Macquarie who governed New South Wales from 1810-1821. 

The folly is decorated with an abundance of detail from an axe and sickle adorning the doorway, animal bones from creatures than once inhabited the land to the barb wire which represented the way the land was claimed and divided. 

Fiona's sculpture can be found within the Sydney Botanical Gardens. Google has given it it's very own name plate in the North East peninsula near the Sydney Opera House entrance.