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Bankstown Public Art | 'Phoenix - Spirit of Recovery' Sculpture by Crawford's Casting

Crawford's Casting

This sculpture was a very dark and somber piece. 

It's called 'Phoenix - Spirit of Recovery' Its a tribute to the staff and residents whose efforts after a fire in 1997 desolating the Councils administration offices saw vital services restored to the pubic almost overnight.

Despite depicting a phoenix, the symbol of rebirth the giant bird somewhat appeared to have been make using bark from a tree, glued together then cast in metal. It gave the phoenix a very dark and twisted perception which I loved. 

I almost thought the phoenix was perhaps made from old building debris collected and fixed together and while I really wanted to look into the the council while writing a rather lengthy plaque neglected to list the artist.

I walked around the sculpture several times and my fiancé was lucky enough to find an engraved 'Crawford's Castings' inscribed near the phoenix's foot. I wasn't tall enough to see the inscription but I have half an answer on who made the sculpture. Perhaps one day we'll discover who deigned it.


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