Sydney CBD - Dallas Clark & Mistery973

'Eternity' Mural by Dallas Clark & Mistery973 | Sydney Street Art

CBD - Dallas Clark & Mistery

I got unlucky visiting this mural.

While I'm glad it wasn't a car this mural by Dallas Clark and Mistery was a 2021 collaboration and is wonderfully placed.

It's tucked away in a courtyard belonging to Papa Gede's Bar just off Kent Street. One courtyard over you'll find a similar wall by Fintan Magee in the courtyard of Silly and if you're observant you notice inside Silly there are murals by Scott Marsh & SarSar.

Since this mural Mistery and Dallas have created a fair few walls together. One at Bondi on Bondi's graffiti wall and the duo teamed up with Peque for a wall in Chippingdale.

'Eternity' pays homage to Arthur Stace. After a sermon preaching of the afterlife and where every individual would like to spend their eternity it's said Arthur walked outside and wrote the word on the pavement. He didn't stop there, he wrote the word all over Sydney for the next 24 years.