Forbes - Gillie & Marc, Roger Bennie & Ayad Alqaragholli

Forbes Public Art by Gillie & Marc

Forbes Public Art by Gillie & MarcGillie & Marc

One of three public sculptures located in Albion Park. I recognized Rabbit woman and Dogman instantly and was excited to capture a creation from Gillie and Marc I had never seen before. 

This naked pyramid of bodies apparently upset a few locals when it was first commissioned and placed within the park in 2015. The Albion Park in which these sculptures reside was named after the Albion Hotel. The hotel was built in the 60'd and was a beloved icon in the town until it tragically burnt down. 

Gillie and Marc's naked sculpture being placed on ground cherished by many a Forbes locals created quite the uproarin 2015. As time passed however what was once considered ''too new'' and vulgar became an everyday normal and the locals have accepted their naked friends 

Forbes Public Art by Roger Bennie

Roger Bennie

This sculpture is another 2015 commission by Somewhere Down the Lauchlan, which began in 2014.
It's based on Rodin's 'The Thinker' and is titled ''Inside Out'' Rogers addition to the sculpture trail is made out of concrete which came as a surprise to me as I believed up until now it was carved from a tree.

The statue depicts a figure deep in thought and has philosophical quotes etched over it's entrery. It's even collected a little graffiti from the locals adding to the overall viewing pleasure

Forbes Public Art by Ayad Alqaragholli

Ayad Alqaragholli

This sculpture is a bit newer with a commission date of 2020. Ayad Alquaragholli is an Iraq migrant. Ayad titled this sculpture 'I welcome you with Love' It was inspired by the warm welcome Australia gave him when he migrated here and is symbolized with two frolicking people holding a pomegranate. The pomegranate is a much revered fruit in the Middle East representing welcome and hospitality.