Orange - Brownyn Oliver, Chris Fox, Richard Goodwin & Senden Blackwood

I was super excited to visit The Orange Regional Gallery. The Gallery and Museum was surrounded with sculptures but some really big artist names.

Brownyn Oliver

I was surprised after looking into Brownyn Oliver's work how often I'd seen her work and simply never knew it. After walking the Sydney Botanical Gardens I recognized the name instantly and was delighted to find her commission in Orange was a water feature. The Artwork is a 1997 creation called 'Seed' 

Orange Public Art by Chris Fox

Chris Fox

After visiting 'Interchange Pavillion' and 'Interloop' I found it strange discovering an artwork by Chris Fox that's not a mammoth of a project. This one is quite simple with a title of 'Ripper'
Ripper was commissioned by the Orange Regional Gallery and was either created or placed in 2009. 

Orange Public Art by Senden Blackwood

Senden Blackwood

A 2017 acquisition for the Art Gallery to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Gallery being in operation. The artwork is titled 'Duo' and is a shell shaped stone sculpture. 

Orange Public Art by Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin

This sculpture resides on the South Eastern pocket of the Orange Regional Gallery. I almost walked a full circle around the complex before finding it and for a second there thought it had perhaps been relocated. Richard Goodwins installment is titled 'The Well' Mr Goodwin appeared to enjoy combining art and architecture and I'm yet come across any information on this sculpture to explain the spectacle.

Let me know if you find any information.