Tallangatta | Kirrily Anderson

Tallangatta Street Art by Kirrily Anderson

Kirrily Anderson

I thought this was going to be a mixed media piece with a stencil on top of a background but was pleasant surprised to find otherwise.

Before finding these artworks I wasn't aware the town had been relocated in 1956 to allow for the Lake Hume to expand. So up the road 8kms did the entire town move. 

Kirrily has jam packed the mural full of symbolism which as a plant lady is dear to my heart. The flowers and vegetation were the residents main concern when relocating. It's said many locals feared their gardens wouldn't grow in the new location and so this becomes the murals focal point.

There are three triangles intersecting and overlapping representing past, present and future. The towns main concern sits suspended at the meeting point of all three triangles and shows the focal point in bloom. I wonder if perhaps the color, or lack of color, was reflective of the black and white era and symbolic of the past. 

Either way it was an intriguing mural for me with a lot of brain food. This is one of two murals in Tallangatta by Kirrily. It's titled 'Grow' and was commissioned by the Towong Shire Council as a shore front revitalization project

📍 Banool Rd, Tallangatta