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Oyster Bay Street Art by AWOL Creations

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I visited Cronulla between my last post and this one. While I love this project and enjoy working on this blog these posts come three months late as the idea of blogging cronulla just mentally blocked me. So to get these out and begin catching up I'll skip posting cronulla and do my best to catch up.

This mural marked the last artwork on my list today. It was Mats way of connecting with me before going overseas for two months. I dont think he enjoyed our day but he drove me around anyway and tells me he wants to get my a Google Pixel phone for xmas as I hae a habit lately of borrowing his phone lately to use his Magic Eraser feature to weed out people from my photos.

The mural is located on the side of 'Rise on the Bay' a small cafe on Oyster Bay Rd in Oyster Bay. 

Oyster Bay Street Art by AWOL CreationsOyster Bay Street Art by AWOL Creations