Sydney CBD | Maria Fernanda Cardoso

Sydney CBD Public Art by Maria Fernanda Cardoso

Maria Fernanda Cardoso

I once saw these on a previous excursion and it took me until this outing to take a photo and discover that it is in actual fact, an artwork.

Originally I thought they were apart of Jacob Nash's 'The Canopy' but I've since learnt it's apart of a 2016 installment titled 'Sandstone Pollen'

Enlarged upon a bank surrounding the I
CC building I've captured Maria's Wattle Pollen. The artist has created over sized replica's of several different pollens and scattered them around the grounds of the facility. 

The a
rtist has a fascination with living things forming natural geometric shapes and has focused on pollen as an example. Around the grounds you'll find up to six distinctive pollen sculptures as Maria seeks to capture each pollens unique shape