Batemans Bay | Jesse Graham

Batemans Bay Public Art by Jesse Graham

Jesse Graham

I was excited to visit this one. I previously visited Batemans Bay in 2019 to visit 'Pelicant' by the same artist but neglected to add this to my list of things to stop at. The regret rather haunted me. 

The sculpture is titled 'Buoyansea' and is one of many sculptures making up an exquisite pulic art walk along the waterline of Batemans Bay. 

Mr Graham constructed the sculpture from an old bouy found after a severe flooding event. It was installed in Batemans Bay in 2017 is best photographed early morning or late afternoon. While my timing didn't allow for a sunset photo the sculpture over the water with a red sunset back drop is an amazing spectacle. 

📍Beach Rd, Batemans Bay