Riverwood | Brode Compton

Riverwood Street Art | Painted Water Tank by Brode Compton
Brode Compton

It took me a little to realize Brode Compton is the founder of Blackbook Inc so the re-direct will take you to the artists company. 

This was one of five artworks commissioned by the Bankstown Art Center for their 'Cross Currents: Stories of Water' project which apparently began in 2012. 

It was painted in early 2022 and sits pretty in Bennett Park behind some tree's and a few buildings. It's wonderfully painted but the shadows from all the surrounding tree's did leave the tank with a dappled shadow effect on the Eastern face when I visited

Riverwood Street Art | Painted Water Tank by Brode ComptonRiverwood Street Art | Painted Water Tank by Brode Compton

The Canterbury-Bankstown only lists three art works on their website.

Panania - Styna Byna
Earlwood - Maddison Gibbs

The CrossCurrents project also held a workshop component that saw people from Chinese and Samoan cultures come together to participate in activities and outings to share ideas and ideals of water conservation. 

A video I watched featured two interactive but temporary art installations by artists My Li Thi and another artist whose name was mentioned but can not be found. The Video mentions the name at 8:35  but it's difficult to hear and I don't believe the subtitle version to be correct. 


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