Sydney to Melbourne Roadtrip

My Sydney to Melbourne road trip is now complete!

After 10 days of squatting the mozzies, dodging midgies, sleeping in the car and a relatively poor diet my roady to Melb has concluded. 

I wont say there was 506 stops but there were 506 photos of individual artworks. 

This trip I was lucky enough to cruise the coast of NSW into Victoria exploring towns such as Shellharbour, Yarrum and Morwell.

In seven days I will be heading back to my starting point in Sydney via a trail of Silo stops in Eastern Victoria. Between getting back to Syd and making my way to the QLD border my goal is to see most of the Silo art through VIC and NSW. 

Hubby has surprised our friends so it's safe to now disclose our new posting is in Townsville, QLD. Lucky me gets to stop at as much art as I can all the way to the tippy top of QLD and boy do I have quite the list of stops.

After finishing my itinerary I concluded my trip will take me 43 days once leaving Sydney with a rest day every 3 days. This should have me in Townsville around the 10th of May

After this last 10 day adventure I have reviewed my plan though and have made the decision to remove all utility art between the Brisbane CBD and the Sunshine Coast as getting in and out of the car for the excessive amount of Utility boxes along the Sunshine Coast will leave me too exhausted.

Since leaving Syd I've been making a daily digest post on Fb consisting of my favorite photograph of each artwork. It was a taxing affair for my phone as each day I would wake with my phone on roughly 20% battery. This is something I will need to change going forward as struggling for battery power wasn't a pleasant experience. 

I may refrain from Fb posting past Sydney as I know the heat will affect my phone something shocking and using it excessively wont be an option. There is the option to post on rest days but we'll play it by ear. 

Edit: I've had to back date this post so newer posts are more prominent. I will return the date when my posts catch up