Avoca | Jimmi Buscombe

Avoca Painted Silo by Jimi Buscombe

Jimmi Buscombe

I wish I could have stayed till nightfall to witness and photograph the glow in the dark paint. This was my last stop for the day before heading to the In-laws at Mathoura,NSW and having a few rest days before heading to Sydney and starting my rather lengthily journey to Townsville.

I'd seen some of the artists work in Limore and Warrnambool, which I'm still yet to upload, and grew quite excited to see this. Its nice to see a bit of outside box thinking when it comes to large scale art. 

I'd like to, at some point, make a timeline for the Silos with pictures and what not and may begin something fun once I catch up with my posts which likely wont happen for a good 6 months. My journey from Sydney to Townsville had me visiting around 18 murals a day for three months so there's A LOT to post. 

Good Bye for now Victoria!