Capertee | Jenny McCracken

Capertee Street Art by Jenny McCracken

Jenny McCracken

I believe this installation is likely my favorite from my entire trip three-month trip. It wasn't on my art map of things to visit on my way to Townsville, it was something I passed and quickly had to pull over for.

It's a painted amenity block with an audio component. Attached is a video of the audio effects. compliments of the Australian National University.

The mural brings to the viewer's attention the Regent Honeyeater, a critically endangered songbird, and their plight. It was an amazingly vivid mural with a strong message and a wonderfully pleasant sound.

Capertee Street Art by Jenny McCracken


  1. This is beautiful mural, I also saw your update here, big congrats to you and your partner on baby news and I look forward to more of the lovely art around Townsville


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