Dunedoo | Peter Mortimore, Drule & Jarad Danby

Dunedoo Silo Art | Peter Mortimore

Peter Mortimore

I was told by a dear friend to never leave a painted Silo before checking both front and back. I usually forget as I rush from point A to point Z checking off the days itinerary. 

Painted by Peter Mortimer, Drule & Jarad Danby this Silo does not disappoint the viewer. It's painted on all four sides but unfortunately due to a lack of energy I only captured three.

Above depicts a retired Australian thoroughbred racehorse Winx. Sitting upon Winx is her Dunedoo born rider, Hugh Bowman, and beside her, Chris Waller, her trainer. It was painted by Peter Mortimer over a three month period in 2020. 

Dunedoo Silo Art | Drule & Jared Danby

The rear and train track side of the Silo was painted by Drule and Jarad Danby in 2021. It features a small boy reading a book against a typical outback sunset. The attached structure has also seen some love by the duo with multiple smaller pieces of artwork.

Dundedoo Street ArtDundedoo Street ArtDundedoo Street Art

📍82 Bolaro St, Dunedoo