Hay South | BIG Nails

Hay Public Art by Sharon Stevens

Sharon Stevens

After a week of my maps not accepting pictures preventing me from moving forward with my photo sorting I've finally rectified the issue. Damn cookies!

My second stop after leaving Mathoura was Hay which had a nice collection of public art. I didn't have time to research the town prior to my visit so I'm sure there's more than what I'll be uploading over the course of the next few days. 

This beauty dubbed 'The Big Nails' by BIG thing enthusiasts is actually called 'A Collection of Points' It was first exhibited in the 2004 Sculpture by the Sea, which is why I love the annual event so much. The sculpture was gifted to the Hay Shear Outback complex in 2016 by the artist, Sharon Stevens and is accompanied by some very basic BIG Sheers incorporated into the facilities front gates.