Horsham | Danny Awes

Horsham Street Art by Danny Awes

Danny Awes

Danny Awes... Danny Wenn.. the artist has a few names but the most common name you'll see is 90 Degrees Art; his founding business.

Danny completed his 'Horhsam' name plate in 2017 and has since gone on to complete town and suburb names in Seymour and one for a St Kilda Festival

This mural concept isn't an original idea with Dallas Clark and Stephen Evans' completing a similar 'Newtown' mural in Newtown back in 2015 and who knows before that. 

Horhsam have a fair few murals around town now, two of which are from this artist. I will link them together once posted. The 'Horsham' mural is obviously found at Liquorland on Roberts Ave.