Horsham | Smug

Horsham Silo Art by Smugone


This beautiful painted Silo by Smug is easy enough to find on Wawunna Rd & Mill St. It's a two for one special as next door is home to another amazing large scale mural by the same artist featuring Gamaty.

The project funded by the Horsham City Council is called 'Yangga Dyata' which translates to 'Walking on County' which corresponds with a large tourism project pushed by the Australian Government the past few years. 

The mural features Yanggendyinanyuk. A skilled tracker who lived from 1834-1886. His name meant 'His walking feet' and the mural also completed by Smug to the left of this Silo was his totem.

Yanggendyinanyuk was most well known for his assistance in the tracking of the Copper-Duff children after their 9 day disappearance in the Wimmera scrub. Yanggendyinanyuk found three young children after one day with with the assistance of two fellow Aboriginal trackers where 36 men failed in 8 days. For his expertise and ingenuity Yanggendyinanyuk was given 15 pounds and was then dubbed as 'King Richard' by locals. The story inspired books and paintings right across Australia and England.