Kaniva | Unknown

Kaniva Sheep Art Trail
Unknown Artist

While I never noticed a trail through town of decorative sheep and other assorted animals I did find this sculpture on my quest through town to find a public toilet. I checked out the QR code and regretfully couldn't source an artist or a local who painted it. 

In most instances these sorts of animals are fabricated by a company and shipped to towns for tourist attractions. The Kaniva website suggests there are 57 sheep, 4 lambs and 2 sheep dogs making up this trail through town. Each sculpture comes with a QR code with a link to a local business to help tourists learn about the town. 

My sculpture features Rusty a sheep dog whose awfully tired from a hard day of rounding up sheep. His link takes me to a local motel where I might be able to get some much needed rest after completing the sheep trail myself. 

Kaniva Sheep Art TrailKaniva Sheep Art Trail