Kaniva | David Lee Pereira

 Kaniva Painted Silo by David Lee Pereira

David Lee Pereira

I had a hard time photographing this one. I imagine for most of the day the sun sits behind the silo silently laughing at novice photographers desperately trying to take just one decent photo of this glorious painted silo.

I managed to get my shot with a bit of tweaking from Google Photos to alter the angle but I'm really happy with this photo considering what the rest of the photos look like.

This beautiful Silo by David Pereira features an Australian hobby (falco longipennis) and a native flower to Kaniva, a pink sun orchid. It took the artist, with an assistant (Jason Parker) three weeks to complete and is now the link between the VIC and SA Silo Art Trail being the closest Silo to the SA border.