Lascelles | Phil Rigg

Lascelles Street Art by Phil Rigg

Phil Rigg

Lascelles isn't just home to a wonderful Silo it's also home to two murals. The first mural is by an artist i thought sounded familiar but couldn't quite put my thumb on why. Another blogger had the artists name listed as Phill Rig and upon thinking, after an exhausting search with no results, I assumed the name was spelt incorrectly. 

If you've ever been to Patchewollock and visited the BIG Mallee Fowl by Phil Rigg you'd have stumbled past the name. Turns out the corrugated artist also paints and I believe this mural and the Mallee Fowl are created by the same artist. I can't confirm it as the artist doesn't appear to have a social but I'd stake my blog on it.