Nevertire | Bastian Allfrey

Nevertire Street Art by Bastian Allfrey

Bastian Allfrey

A wonderful surprise from Bastian Allfrey sits upon the corner of Trangie and Clyde Streets on Nevertire's main road. An established tree partially obscures the wall but it's still very eye catching and worth a stop to gawk and appreciate the wall. 

I can tell you the wall was painted sometime in 2022. After snooping around a few websites it turns out I've missed two other murals in Warren by the same artist. One appears to be in a park adorning the publiv amenities and the second, I assume, at the local Post Shop.

There is half a chance, when my partner discharges from the Defense Force, this route may be taken on our way to relocate South. With a bit of luck, in a few years, I'll get to visit the two that I missed.