Nevertire | Bastian Allfrey

Nevertire Street Art by Bastian Allfrey

Bastian Allfrey

I was really disappointed to find a fence around this tower. It's in the middle of butt F no where and it's fenced off to deter... I don't even know what. 

The tower is painted on three sides though I was so annoyed by the fence and the long drive that fatigue refused to make me feet work. I lazily took a picture of the front and left for the next destination. 

The tower features three images. A farmer shearing a sheep, a stalk of wheat and a ...sprig? of cotton. If you own a drone you'd get some nice shots but for the average traveler your photographs will be ruined by this horrendous eyesore. 

Bastian Allfrey completed this wonderful water tower, located on Clyde and Belerega, in 2022 which pays homage to the town and regions livelihood.