Nullawil | Smug

Nullawil Silo Art by Smug One


A close up on this photograph shows just how skilled SmugOne is as an artist. Those shirt ripples and the 3D aspect to the Kelpies muzzle as it spans across three concave walls.

This is the second Silo I've come across by Smug though I believe he has three and Nullawil to be the first silo project he completed. The project was wrapped up in two weeks with a completion date of 18/07/2019.

The artist completed his Wirrabarra Silo in October 2019 with a third silo completed in Victoria during 2022. 

The silo is prominently positioned in town with plenty of parking so I wont bother adding a location. If you haven't visited this beautiful silo I strongly suggest you start planning your trip. Getting out and exploring our great country is the best experience there is!