Rainbow | Kitt Bennett

Rainbow Silo Art by Kitt Bennett

Kitt Bennett

It was perhaps a little late in the afternoon to be snapping photos but I was three days behind schedule and the in laws were messaging everyday to see where I was and whether I was okay.

I'm not fond of this photograph but it was the best image from all the photos I took of Kitt Bennetts Silo project in Rainbow... and I took a fair few

Rainbows silo is in the strangest location. It's not far off the beaten path but it was a rather confusing drive in. There's was no signage when I blew through and with all the tradie vehicles I wondered for a good 30 seconds if I had made an error in location. Sure enough a silo came into sight and I guessed to turn right which led me to this view. Parking was good once there as it was pretty much a dirt road that stretched off to yonder. 

📍 -35.81189, 141.99848

  • -35.81189, 141.99848
  • -35.81189, 141.99848