Woomelang l Kaff-eine & Mike Makatron

Woomelang Street Art by Mike Makatron

Woomelang Street Art by Kaff-eine
Kaff-eine & Mike Makatron

Nestled within the grounds of the local recreation reserve are these two grain bins by talented artists; Kaff-eine and Mike Makatron.

At the time the gates were wide open so the locals could mow the grounds and I had the ability to drive straight in and take a few photos.

It's a small town so its almost on the other side of the block to the last and a stones throw to the next bin. 

Depicted by Mike Makatron is the regions superstar; the Malee Foul and by Kaff-eine the Spotted-Tail Quoll.


  1. Gorgeous murals, I love how they brighten up small towns


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